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flood, shopping, selecting floorboards - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
flood, shopping, selecting floorboards

This morning started with a bit of a panic. "J" discovered a large puddle of water on the floorboards of the fireplace room, apparently spilled from the hall bathroom. Mopping up the mess threw off our morning routine.

First on the planned agenda, but second after the water emergency, was taking "T" to his new school again, and later picking him up.

In the afternoon, J and I went to Bellevue and visited my mother briefly.

Also in Bellevue, we checked out the new Nordstrom Rack. By coincidence, the store had just opened today. The employees were abundant and well trained.

In the evening, I selected the rest of the boards along the north and south walls of the office (or north bedroom). I didn't try to select boards for the last three rows, because there's a ventilation duct on the floor along the east (far) wall, and the duct cover will interrupt the floorboard pattern.

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