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flood, selecting floorboards - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
flood, selecting floorboards


This morning started with a repeat of yesterday's flooding panic. But this time "J" at least diagnosed the problem: there is a leak somewhere in the pipes attached to the master bathroom shower stall, probably the drain.

Quite a few years ago, the drain from the guest bathroom tub developed a leak, so maybe the plumbing in both places was defective, and this one took longer to show itself.

Getting a diagnosis was good, but the first step was trying to dry out my bamboo floors before they suffered water damage. I don't think that was entirely successful; some boards already show ripples, and more are darkened along the edges. As many as a hundred may be damaged, and ripping them out and replacing them could be a bigger job than the original installation. If I replace boards, I'll wait until after I finish the rest of the floors upstairs.

Now that the problem is diagnosed, we have the problem of fixing it.

The guest bathroom tub was a big job. I cut a hole in the dining room ceiling to find the source of the water, and the problem seemed to resolve itself. I covered the hole with a large ventilation grating so the space where the water was leaking could dry.

Later, the problem returned, and I hired a plumber to fix it. He cut several more holes, all large, in the living room ceiling, failed to find the problem, and finally listened to my request to look through the grating. There he could see the problem, and charged way toomuch to fix it.

I seem to remember that the problem recurred because the expensive plumber's fix was only temporary, and hiring someone else who fixed it with a minimum charge visit, but that's a blurry memory and I may be mixing up some other plumbing job. In any case, it's fixed now.

We have a work-around for this problem: shower in the repaired guest bathroom tub, which also has a shower. Given that, and the likely cost of a proper repair, we've decided to solve the problem with an "out of order" sign, try to work a bathroom makeover into our budget, and fix it as part of an upgrade, not just a repair.


Today "T" finished his first week at his new school. He seemed adequately satisfied with it, but I get the impression that he liked the old school better.


When I was not busy with flood control, errands, and house work, I had time to select floorboards for the office (or north bedroom). I picked out boards for nine rows (Row 43 through Row 51). I had already chosen the row-end boards and all of Row 42, but I changed my Row 42 #1 and one or two of the end boards. I think I chose about 27 boards.

I have another seven or eight rows to do before I resume installing.

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