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selecting floorboards, flood zone, a visitor, art gallery opening - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
selecting floorboards, flood zone, a visitor, art gallery opening
For much of the day, I selected floorboards for the office (or north bedroom), getting them to look nice together in terms of color and pattern. I finished seven more rows, to Row 59. I did the work in the fireplace room, where I had more open space to work.

One catch to using the large open space of the fireplace room is that the flood zone hasn't dried out, and actually expanded into almost all of the south half of the room, and a little way into the dining room, plus the portion of the hall where the water first poured from the upstairs. The moisture barrier, instead of protecting the floorboards from water vapor leaking up from the cellar, caused the spill to spread through much of the room, instead of leaking harmlessly into the cellar.

As I finished the floorboard selection, I realized that time was running short, and I didn't want to leave the selections on top of the food zone, so I had to stack them and haul them upstairs in a rush. The house was pretty warm, and I really worked up a sweat.

Meanwhile, "L" visited, mostly to see "T".

This evening, my brother "C" and sister-in-law "M" had an art gallery opening party in Seattle Center. There were enough people there that the gallery was pretty crowded. We met an artist we knew from SIFF – who turned out to be M's art teacher. Small world. C's high school friend and his wife were there, all the way from Milwaukee. Lots of M's local friends were there. And of course my parents were there. There were some grocery store trays of snack food, plus a few homemade items, including some sort of Chinese manho dessert. It was a pleasant event.

I had been dreading the drive there, because there was also a Husky football game and a Mariners baseball game, but somehow we managed to dodge both floods of sports traffic.

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