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brunch, architectural observation, anniversary, cardboard prototyping - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
brunch, architectural observation, anniversary, cardboard prototyping

Today I had breakfast with "J" and "T" even though the usual Sunday brunch was back on the agenda. So, when I went to brunch, I didn't have room for my whole meal (yummy Indian). That turned out to be a good thing, because my leftovers were just the right amount of differ for J in the evening.

Brunch was the usual group: "M", "N", the other "J", and "C". It was pleasant.

After brunch I had an opportunity to get something done without interruption – and as it turned out I was drowsy enough that a nap was just the right thing to do with the time.

I also visited Bellevue, both to return something I had bought the other day and to visit my parents. After the Lincoln Square Nordstrom Rack errand, I noticed something admirable about a bland piece of architecture: the underground parking structure. It has a ramp around the outside of the parking levels, which means no waiting for someone who is waiting for a parking place while one is just trying to go up or down a level, and the parking levels are all flat and fairly similar to each other. That's a plus for Lincoln Square Cinema films, and for Bellevue Square if I'm stuck shopping there for some reason.

At my parents' place, my parents offered food, as usual. It was simple and good. It was just enough food that I didn't need another meal, so J could enjoy my Indian leftovers.

I also did something out of the ordinary: I watched sports. The Sounders were behind 0 to 1, racing the clock to catch up. A Sounders player got a red card, incorrectly to the extent that I understand the rules. But down a player, they managed to score a goal, tying the game. And right before the end, they came very close to scoring again, but the oyher team's goalie stopped it.

I also delivered an anniversary card for them, at the time almost forgetting that today is the actual day. Happy anniversary, Dad and Mom! Watching sports with them was a good way to help them celebrate the occasion.

T had spent much of the day in Bellevue too, so I gave him a ride home.

Recently, J expressed interest in a custom sized outdoor table. I had bounced around designs in my head, and this evening I scrounged some cardboard out of the recycled bin and built a mock-up of the table design. It's not to scale, but it reassured me that the design in my head could be built without welding or other construction techniques outside my skill set. Maybe I'll build it when I have time. (Haha.)

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