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appointment oops, gym, park, pasta - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
appointment oops, gym, park, pasta

This morning after dropping off "T" at school, "J" and I went to an appointment she had today. Unfortunately, we went to the wrong location. But all was not lost; the place we went said that they could try to fit her in there, and instead of the location where she had originally been scheduled. Looking at their schedule, they thought they could fit her in after about an hour.

Rather than have me wait around for an extra hour, J said that she could take the bus home, and I could be on my way.

I didn't go directly home; instead I did a little shopping. And rather than waiting for an hour, they were ready for J just a few minutes after I went on my way. When she finished her appointment, she got on a bus, then let me know that she was on her way. But I wasn't far away. Instead of picking her up at the bus stop near home, we arranged to meet near where she changed buses. The morning worked out well, in spite of the slip-up.

After we got home, we changed into gym clothes and went to work out. We both mostly did arms and shoulders, and although it was rather brief we both did pretty intense workouts.

In the late afternoon, T and I went on a walk to a park close to home. It was full of young people exercising.

When we returned from the park, J had prepared a delicious (but fairly easy) dinner: fresh tortellini with vegetarian sausage and red sauce. I may have eaten just a little too much of it.

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