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business call, travel reservations, estimators, floor work, celebration - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
business call, travel reservations, estimators, floor work, celebration

Today started with a yummy breakfast: more of the corn bread "J" made yesterday.

The first thing on our agenda was a seemingly interminable business call. I think it lasted three hours. We were both a bit exhausted mentally by the end of it.

In spite of being a bit worn out, I carried on with another project: making reservations for some travel we have planned for a few months from now. And that was only the flight portion; we still have to do the hotel and rental car. (I looked up the possibility of taking a taxi from the airport, but the round trip taxi costs more than a car rental.)

During the day, we had an estimator look over an landscaping project: leveling the concrete tiles under our deck, and adding enough tiles to make the floor there usable. Right now some of the tiles are cracked, a lot have settled unevenly, and the ones under there now don't cover the entire space.

I spent some time working on the floors, both before and after our other evening activities. The first activity was a goodbye summer, hello autumn equinox celebration with some of J's friends. That was pleasant; they're nice people. The second out-of-the house activity was a visit to my father, in Bellevue, rather brief because it was getting a bit late.

The rest of this is the day's flooring progress; skip the rest if you're not interested:

The first task was to finish a row I left incomplete yesterday. I cut Row 45 #0, a short end piece, and both glued it to Row 45 #1 and hand nailed it. That was the only hand nailing I did today; from there on it was all nailgun nailing.

Next, I cut the end piece Row 46 #0 and nailed it down. I had to sand the edge of Row 46 #1 to get it to align smoothly with the row 45, then nailed it down. I didn't need any special treatment to nail down Row 46 #2. Then I used some foaming urethane glue to bond Row 46 #3 and Row 46 #4, together because the latter was so short. I cut away the rest of Row 46 #4 (leaving less than an inch, about 2 cm), and nailed them down as a unit.

I did another complete row, cutting the end pieces Row 47 #0 and Row 47 #4 to length, then nailing down Row 47 #0, Row 47 #1, Row 47 #2, Row 47 #3, and Row 47 #4. Again I had to do some sanding on the #1 board to get it to fit smoothly against Row 46. I think I'll work from the other end tomorrow.

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