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four rows of floorboards - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
four rows of floorboards

Today has been a very productive day of floor work. I finished four full rows in the office (also known as the north bedroom). If you don't care about the details, skip the rest of this, because that's all I have to write about so far today.

I started by cutting Row 48 #3 and Row 48 #0 to length; both are fairly long boards that don't leave much in the way of scrap, and that mean I don't need a #4. Like all the nailing I did today, I use the nailgun. I found that the boards stay in alignment better if I start from the south wall, so I nailed down Row 48 #3, Row 48 #2, Row 48 #1.

When I was about to nail down Row 48 #0, I discovered that overnight, Row 47 #0 had spontaneously popped up a large bump near the tongue edge, about nine inches (23 cm) from the wall. If I had already nailed down Row 48 #0, I might have just tolerated the defect, maybe hide it under furniture, and hope that it wouldn't get enough worse that I'd need to repair it. But since it wasn't too difficult to replace it, I ripped it out, selected a new piece (from an uncut board, because I didn't have a scrap of the right length), and nailed in the replacement.

With Row 47 #0 replaced, Row 48 #0 was trivial.

Next was an easy row. I cut the end pieces Row 49 #4 (a small one) and Row 49 #0, and again nailed them down from the south wall: Row 49 #4, Row 49 #3, Row 49 #2, Row 49 #1, and Row 49 #0. I had been starting at the longer end, because I have to take extra care with small pieces like Row 49 #4 to avoid knocking them out of place when placing the next board.

I cut the end pieces Row 50 #4 and Row 50 #0; the latter was another small one. Then I nailed down Row 50 #4, Row 50 #3, Row 50 #2, Row 50 #1, and Row 50 #0.

Finally, I cut Row 51 #3 and Row 51 #0, both end pieces that use almost their entire board, then nailed down Row 51 #3, Row 51 #2, Row 51 #, and Row 51 #0.

That brought me to the end of the portion of the room where I had the carpet, pad, and nail strips removed, and moisture barrier laid down. Before I nail any more boards down, I'll have to move more furniture (including the table with my main desktop "Rivendell"), and I'm not sure I have the energy for rearranging the room. It's time to rest for a while.


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