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dinner guests - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
dinner guests

Early this afternoon, "J" went out for an appointment, then did a little grocery shopping for dinner.

I had been busy with lots of floor work during the day, and finished it not too long after she headed out.

The dinner plan was tacos. We had some packaged tortillas already, home grown tomatoes, salad greens, salsa, portion packs of guacamole, and seitan – just about everything. But one of our invited guests, "K", can't eat seitan, and we doubted my brother "C" would eat it if he knew that it wasn't meat. So the main item from the grocery trip was ground beef.

As it turned out, K couldn't make it, so our guests were just C and his wife "M". They really liked the meal. I think the salad greens we had in the refrigerator were better than the usual bland lettuce.

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