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tiles under the deck, a visitor, floor preparations - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
tiles under the deck, a visitor, floor preparations
This morning we had gardeners visit to work on the project they bid last Wednesday: renovating the concrete tile space under our deck. Some of the old tiles had cracked, and they weren't very level. They hauled in lots of gravel and sand for the leveling job, and a bunch of smaller tiles (one foot square) for a border around the existing big tiles (two feet square).

Some of the large tiles had cracked, and there weren't quite enough of them even including the cracked ones, and the gardeners didn't know where to get more. "J" came through on the research, however, and found a company in Woodinville that still makes them. I drove there and picked up enough of them to finish the job. Interestingly, there had been two types of large tiles there already, heavy and very heavy. The ones I bought turned out to be more like the very heavy ones.

The job was pretty big, and the gardeners weren't able to finish today. I suppose they'll continue tomorrow.

Meanwhile, "A" visited too. It was nice to see her for a while.

I did some work related to the floors, but not actual floor work: I rearranged a lot of furniture to make room for the floor work. I should be able to resume actually nailing things soon.

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