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flooring work, gardener work, belated birthday - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
flooring work, gardener work, belated birthday

This morning, "J" was out helping friends move, and I got a chance to work on floors uninterrupted for a while. I mostly patched holes in the moisture barrier that resulted from forgetting to screw down the subfloor before laying down the moisture barrier.

Also this morning, the gardeners returned to finish the job they started on Tuesday. The work looks nice; now we have a nice space under out deck, as long as we don't have rain dripping through the deck onto us. One of these days I'll have to put a rain barrier under the deck.

Later, we shared a belated birthday dinner for J, with "T", my parent, my brother, and his wife. It was nice.

It took a while to get down to serious floor work, but when I got down to actual floorboard nailing, I got a fair amount done: three full rows. Except for a couple of very small end pieces, I used the nailgun for all of them.

The details, mostly for my own tracking of progress:
In Row 52, I cut the #4 and #0 end pieces to length, and nailed the row down from #4 to #0.
In Row 53, I cut #4 and #0 to length, and nailed down the row from #4 to #2, then glued #1 and #0 together with carpentry glue and nailed them down as a unit, including one hand-nail on #0.
In row Row 54, I cut #4 and #0 to length, glued the very small #4 to #3 together with foaming urethane glue, and nailed the boards down from #4+3 through #0.

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