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library birthday, four rows of floors - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
library birthday, four rows of floors
This morning started with a meeting for "J", short enough that "T" and I just waited in the car.

Next, we went to a library; today the King County Library System is celebrating its 75th birthday. J tried to check out some books, and discovered that her library card had expired; she usually goes to Seattle libraries, and has used my card at county libraries. But now she has her own again.

Back home, I got quite a bit of work done on the floors: four more rows and some furniture moving. The rest of this is mostly notes to myself.

I did most of the end piece cutting in a couple of batches. All four of today's rows had two cut ends each: #4 and #0, I did all the the nailing with the nailgun, since I had room for it the whole time.

I started with Row 55 #4, Row 55 #3, Row 55 #2, Row 55 #1, Row 55 #0, all pretty routine.

Row 56 #4, Row 56 #3, Row 56 #2, Row 56 #1, Row 56 #0 had some inconvenient variations in width that kept the next row from aligning with extra word. I didn't think to look until after I had already nailed down the boards, but my guess is that it has to do with mixing production lots within rows.

Row 57 #4, Row 57 #3, Row 57 #2, Row 57 #1, Row 57 #0 gave me some trouble. (Board #4 was pretty short, but not a problem.) The main problem was that #3 needed sanding because of the width problem in Row 56. Even with the sanding, I ended up with some gaps by the #2 end, which I'll need to fill, probably with floorboard sawdust and urethane varnish.

Row 58 #4, Row 58 #3, Row 58 #2, Row 58 #1, Row 58 #0 worked out fine. The #0 end piece was pretty short, but not a problem.

With those rows done, I had room for the last piece of furniture on the finished boards, so I wrestled it over there. I didn't even have to unplug the computer, because it's on a UPS.

I've already selected boards for Row 59, but I'm not going to nail them down until I've selected more boards to match it. The next task will be to select boards for Row 60 through Row 68, or maybe lay moisture barrier through the rest of the room.

I don't plan to select boards for Row 69, Row 70, and Row 71 yet. They include the floor heat vent; they require a lot of extra effort, and benefit from more careful color matching, so the floorboards go well with the vent frame. And finally, Row 72 is narrow enough that it might be hidden by the baseboard trim.

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