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mostly flooring - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
mostly flooring
The main thing I worked on today was the floor project. When I started, I was planning to finish up covering the last strip of bare subfloor with moisture barrier, then getting back to cutting and nailing floorboards. However, I noticed that a little of the moisture barrier going into the heat vent hadn't glued down properly. (I used foaming urethane glue, which sticks to metal just fine once it cures, but not as well when it's freshly applied.) I fixed that, ready to move on to floorboards.

But it wasn't time for that yet. I also discovered that I had again forgotten to screw the subfloor down onto the floor joists (to prevent squeaks), the same mistake I made last Wednesday. Oops! So I spent quite a bit of time trying to guess where the joists were (mostly getting it right), and putting in the screws through the moisture barrier. I'll patch over the holes later.

Once the moisture screws were all in place, I double-checked that the moisture barrier was all done correctly (yes), and then ran the vacuum cleaner all over the work area. I don't want debris permanently sticking out from between floorboards, I don't want to get poked by debris while I'm crawling around working, and I don't want to crawl around in dirt. For something that will soon be covered up by the floorboards, it looks pretty decent.


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