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home alone, lots of floor work, some brainstorming - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
home alone, lots of floor work, some brainstorming
This morning, "J" and I got up really early. She had state government business in Fife – probably her last such meeting. Fortunately, she was able to carpool most of the way, and was able to get to the meeting point by bus, as long as I gave her a ride to the transit center. That early in the morning, the usual transit center is a mess, so I gave her a ride to a different one, earlier on the route to her carpool meeting point. It was a close connection, but it worked out for her. She was back (to the usual transit center) surprisingly early in the evening.

In the evening, "T" went for a swim after school. He was out a lot later than usual for him.

With both J and T out for the day, I should have had time to get a lot of floor work done. And four rows isn't bad, but I could have probably done better if I hadn't gotten distracted by starting to design another project.

I had pre-cut the end pieces for Row 59 and Row 60 yesterday, which gave me a head start. As usual, I worked from the south end of each row: Row 59 #4, Row 59 #3, Row 59 #2, Row 59 #1, and Row 59 #0, then Row 60 #4, Row 60 #3, Row 60 #2, Row 60 #1, and Row 60 #0. I used the nailgun for all but two of today's pieces.

Next, I selected two small pieces from scrap piles, the 2½ inch (68 mm) Row 61 #0 and the ¾ inch (20 mm) Row 62 #4, which I hadn't pre-selected. Because the latter is too small to safely nail even with pre-drilling and hand nailing, I stuck it to Row 62 #3 with foaming urethane glue. That would take some time to cure, so I measured out the rest of the end pieces, cut them to length, and worked on something else for a while to let the joint cure.

When I got back to work, I nailed down Row 61 #4, Row 61 #3, Row 61 #2, and Row 61 #1. But there wasn't space for the nailgun on Row 61 #0, so I pre-drilled it, glued it to Row 61 #1 (with ordinary carpentry glue), and hand nailed it. Then I measured the combined Row 62 #4 and Row 62 #3 piece, cut it to length, and nailed it down too, followed by Row 62 #2, Row 62 #1, and Row 62 #0.

Before calling it quits for the night, I measured the end pieces Row 63 #4, Row 63 #0, Row 64 #4, and Row 64 #0. I'm not sure how much I'll get done tomorrow though; I have an appointment in the morning.

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