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usability study, laying down lots of floorboards - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
usability study, laying down lots of floorboards
This morning I had an interesting appointment: a Google usability study. It would be really interesting to tell about, but I can't – I signed a nondisclosure agreement about the study. It allows me to talk about things in the study that are public knowledge anyway, but I'm not so sure about the limits, so best to not be too specific.

After the study, I had quite a bit of time to work on the floors.

When I finished yesterday, I had measured Row 63 #0, Row 63 #4, Row 64 #0, and Row 64 #3 (there was no Row 64 #4), so the first task was to cut them to the measured lengths.

I hooked up the nailgun and nailed them down, starting at the south side of the room with Row 63 #4. Then I noticed a defect in Row 63 #3 that had not been there when I selected the board (unless I somehow overlooked a large patch of finish peeling away), so I selected a replacement before continuing. I then i nailed down the replacement Row 63 #3, then Row 63 #2, Row 63 #1, and Row 63 #0.

I nailed down next row without incident: Row 64 #3, Row 64 #2. Row 64 #1, and Row 64 #0.

Then it was time to cut a couple more pairs of end pieces. I nailed down Row 65 #4, Row 65 #3, Row 65 #2, Row 65 #1, and Row 65 #, all without problems. Then Row 66 #4, Row 66 #3, Row 66 #2, Row 66 #1, and Row 66 #0. At that point I found a problem: Row 65 #0 was slightly narrower than most boards, leaving a slight gap between it and Row 66 #1: I will need to fill it with the magic blend of floorboard sawdust and urethane varnish. There's also a slight gap between Row 66 #1 and Row 66 #0; that I can fix with some hammering and a face nail hidden under the baseboard trim.

Finally, I cut the end pieces Row 67 #0 and Row 67 #3 (again, there's no Row 67 #4). I didn't cut more, or nail down Row 67, because I need to select more boards now that I'm close to the heat vent, which will require some precision cutting. Instead, I traced the outline of the vent frame onto the moisture barrier paper, then out some boards around it, to try to visualize how I will need to cut the boards around it. I'll have to go back and look at what I did in the dining room and west bedroom, which have the vent frames aligned the same way.

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