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brunch, desk design, visiting parents - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
brunch, desk design, visiting parents

Today both "J" and I went to brunch. Two of the regulars were away, both traveling, but "N" and "C" were there. It was nice to have J along again; she hadn't made time for brunch in a while.

My main project today has been revising the design of my sit-and-stand desk armoire. I'm still puzzling over how to close the front; regular doors would stick out into the room too much, doors that fold out and slide back take up too much space on the sides, and a roll-top (actually roll-front) is a bit complicated to make and really expensive to buy. Still the roll-top looks like the most practical solution.

This evening, J and I visited my parents in Bellevue. As usual, "T" was also in Bellevue, so we gave him a ride home.

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