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the crud, minor car collision, furniture researcher - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
the crud, minor car collision, furniture researcher
Like a whole lot of people, "J" and I have had the "crud" – cold-like symptoms that persist longer than usual. For us, it hasn't been more than a persistent cough, and occasionally other symptoms like fatigue and congestion. Today, J convinced me that it's been bothering us long enough to seek medical attention.

We couldn't get a primary care appointment on such short notice, so we went to urgent care. Although I was still not sure medical assistance will help – if it's viral, antibiotics don't do anything – I decided to see the doctor too. And oddly enough, the doctor prescribed something for me, but not for J.

Later, J had a meeting with her friend "H". I picked up my prescription, and did some research for my possible desk armoire project.

In late afternoon, I got a mild scrape on the rear bumper, where it wraps around to the passenger side. I'm not sure whether I made a mistake changing lanes, but I thought I checked the rear view. Apparently the other driver though she was at fault though; she took off without stopping. I didn't get a good look at her car.

Later in the day, I did some more research on the armoire desk, and I think I finally have a plausible door design. It's a mechanism with both a slider and a hinge, so that a door can swing open, then retract into a slot so it's not sticking way out into a room. My parents had such a mechanism on their old television armoire, but I had no idea where to get such a thing until today's research success.

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