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appointments and meetings, good news, furniture design - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
appointments and meetings, good news, furniture design

This morning, I gave "J" a ride to an appointment. It went well. Later, she went on her own to a meeting with friends, probably the last before they move. And this afternoon, our friend "K" visited (without her daughter "M"), mostly talking with J.

Update (October 27): As it turns out, J's friends still haven't quite moved. One of them is already in their new home, but the other was there today.

While J was out, I got a phone call from our car insurance company, with good news. The back story is that when we were in Hawaii, a tree fell on our rental car, and the rental company wanted to overcharge us for the repairs: a ridiculous labor rate on the repairs, plus add-on charges for depreciation, loss of use, and a payment to the subcontractor they use to collect to collect payments. In today's call, the insurance company said that an arbitrator had completely rejected the add-on charges, and substantially reduced the repair cost. (It's still higher than most places, but Kauai is an expensive place.) All I'd have to pay was my $100 collision deductible, and the insurance company wouldn't have to pay as much either. They'll send me a letter saying where to send the deductible payment, and that little nuisance will be over.

My main project today was more design of the desk armoire. I spent quite a bit of time on the fiddly details, but decided that they're not just a distraction, because I'll be able to use the details as illustrations if I share the design, maybe even if I don't actually find time to build it.

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