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my omelet, library books, Meet-up, visiting parents - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
my omelet, library books, Meet-up, visiting parents

This morning I made an omelet from leftover egg muffin mix. It was a pretty funny looking omelet, but it tasted good.

In the afternoon, "J" had a book on reserve at the Central library, so we went there before brunch. Since I was there too, I decided to pick up a book for inspiration on the furniture design, and checked out a couple of books.

Next, I gave her a ride to a Meet-up at Northgate, and continued to brunch. The regulars were all there; the two who were absent recently both returned from traveling. Occasional participant "W" also joined in.

After brunch I returned to Northgate, then we went to Believe in time for a light meal with my parents, "T", my brother, and his wife.

Back home, I read the interesting parts of both library books for inspiration on my desk design project. One was good reading but not much as a reference; the other was pretty much the opposite.

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