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Yelp "elite" party, visiting parents, metafile quirks, desk design - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
Yelp "elite" party, visiting parents, metafile quirks, desk design

Recently "J" was awarded an "elite" reviewer on Yelp, which includes occasional invitations to parties. Tonight was the party, at a coffee shop on Capitol Hill. There was free stuff (we picked up a Yelp-logo ice tray), free food, free coffee, and a presentation by people from the coffee shop about why their coffee is good. I don't even drink they coffee, but they had good tea too. It was fun.

I also visited my parents for a little while. "T" was in Bellevue too, so I gave him a ride home.

During the day, J requested a floor plan of our house. I had one, but it was cluttered by the layout of the floorboard pattern, and didn't have a scale grid. I fought with Inkscape a bit to get it to include a graph paper background, converting from Paint Shop Pro format to "Windows enhanced metafile", then importing to Inkscape. It worked, but it included a lot of not-quite-precise numbers like "29.9663" because the metafile apparently does some things its own way.

I also spent some more time on the desk project. It looks a lot more detailed now than last time I worked on it; I got a lot of drawing done even though I spent a lot of time on research rather than actual drawing.

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