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simple shelving project, designing a movable bookcase - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
simple shelving project, designing a movable bookcase

Today I did a simple home improvement project. A long time ago, I bought a piece of melamine-laminated particle board shelving stock to replace the really gross board that serves as the lower shelf in the laundry room, above the washing machine. Today I finally got around to cutting the shelving into an actual shelf.

The shelving stock came as a four-foot (122 cm) piece, and the space for the shelf is only three feet wide. I cut it to approximate length (slightly long), checked the fit, and cut it again (very slightly short). I discovered one additional step, cutting off a tiny bit of the curved front of the shelving stock at one end, because there's a slight overhang that is part of the structure that supports the shelf.

That was easy.

On the furniture design front, I spent time on a digression away from the hideaway sit-and-stand desk to figure out a way to install retractable wheels on a bookcase. I didn't want to use locking casters for a couple of reasons. One, they don't really lock all that securely, so to solidly immobilize a movable bookcase it's best to lower it onto the floor. And two, if the casters have to carry the full weight of a heavy bookcase, there's a chance that the the constant weight will be hard on the caster wheels, bearings, swivel parts, and so forth. I think I figured out a workable design.

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