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breakfast, brunch, library books - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
breakfast, brunch, library books

This morning "J" decided to make waffles for breakfast, but changed her mind and made pancakes instead. They were a treat. "T" helped with the preparations.

Today was a brunch day, as usual. J stayed home with things to do. I was embarrassingly late, and I am not even sure how I mixed up my departure time. The others were done with meals and preparing for departure already.

"M" had his usual chocolate treats; his tangerine flavor is one of his best. He had places to go, so after greetings and chocolate he was on his way. "N" and the other usual "J" stuck around while I had my meal. "N" was in a particularly good mood, and smiling enthusiastically. "C" took the week off.

After brunch I went to the downtown library, returning books and picking up one more, a woodworking book I had picked out in advance so that I could keep the visit under the 20 minute free parking allowance.

Later, I returned some county library books, visited my parents in Bellevue, and gave "T" a tide home. By evening I was pretty worn out.

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