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secondhand tool shopping, fireplace hearth trim - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
secondhand tool shopping, fireplace hearth trim

I shopped for a drill press on Craigslist without much success. But I found a small jigsaw instead. The ad said just come to the office (and gave an address). I tried visiting in the morning but no one was there. I wrote to ask and got a reply to try again (with a phone number).

I tried calling and got voice mail, but went back anyway. They hsd lots of stuff from a closing business sale. I asked about a large clamp and a carpentry square, and they said they'd throw it in with more expensive items. So I bought the jigsaw at their asking price ($50; about $93 new), and got both the clamp (about $35 new) and the square (about $7 new) throw in. Over half the new price is a bit high for a secondhand power tool, but with the clamp it's a score.

I did some more work on the quarter-round around the fireplace hearth. I started with trim for the front right corner (#3), which turned out to be the least accurately built corner of the hearth: about 137½°, 2½° outside than the design angle. (Two corners are right on and one is only ½° wider than 135°.) I built the corner an accurate 135°, so it didn't fit.

On Monday I warped the trim, but it still didn't fit, so today I cut shims from some scrap of the same kind of wood (or something that seems to be the same). That cut was surprisingly difficult.

The other thing I did was to make one more rough cut of a corner (#1, the rear left) and glue in the last brace to the rear left piece of quarter-round.

Next I think I'll cut and attach a catch piece to use the spring in the wood to lock the #3 corner, then start on the front left (#2) corner.


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