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blueberry pancakes, under-deck ceiling - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
blueberry pancakes, under-deck ceiling

This morning "J" treated us to blueberry pancakes. She made the batter and most of the pancakes; I used up the remaining batter for leftovers. They were yummy, as usual.

In the next phase of the under-deck ceiling project, I hung the third corrugated metal panel on the first pair of cedar support boards, finishing the segment – except for adding an edge board and maintenance latch.

With the first segment finished, I attached hangers for the three remaining pairs of cedar supports. Then I hung one pair of the cedar supports themselves, and attached the first metal panel. The first panel is the most difficult, because there's no easy way to hold it in place while drilling the pilot holes and driving in the screws.

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