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under-deck ceiling, improvised vacuum cleaner repair, beef skewers - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
under-deck ceiling, improvised vacuum cleaner repair, beef skewers

I continued work on the under-deck ceiling by cutting the edge boards to length. I hadn't thought through the design very well though, so three of the four boards are too long. That's a lot better than cutting them too short! Going back for three more cuts is no big deal; the only real loss from the slip-up is that the pieces that go into the scrap box are smaller. Larger scraps in the scrap box allow for more flexibility in finding uses for them.

The accessory hose on our vacuum cleaner ripped near the end piece quite a while ago, and I hadn't bothered to fix it. "J" and I both looked for replacement hoses on-line, but they seem to be a discontinued part, so I decided to try to build a new connector piece. I bought a hose clamp, and two short pieces of plastic pipe, 1¼ inch outside diameter and 1¼ inch inside diameter. (Both 1¼ inch measurements are approximate, around 32 mm, and there's some play between them.) The smaller pipe was a tight fit for the vacuum cleaner hose, to the point that I probably don't need the hose clamp. (Maybe I should return it, since it's kind of bulky.) But the thick pipe didn't fit as a receiver for the accessories. Maybe I need yet another pipe, or maybe I can fit the accessories around the outside of the smaller pipe.

Later, "J" and I had a meeting with her friends, and ate some tasty beef skewers she made.

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