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breakfast and second breakfast, Key West, dinner, Tangled the Musical - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
breakfast and second breakfast, Key West, dinner, Tangled the Musical

This morning, we had our first breakfast at the Concierge Lounge. It was delicious, but pretty light, so "J" and I went to the Cabana's buffet for a second breakfast. We both wanted omelets, but we had a really hard time finding the omelet bar. Eventually we did, but by the time we did it seemed like we had wasted a bit more of the morning than we had intended.

Key West

Today's port of call was Key West. We had reserved a trolley tour through the cruise line. That was probably not a good move in terms of price; there was a competing trolley tour that didn't have the cruise mark-up that we could have signed up for if we had known it was there. But the cruise line's tour was a good one; we certainly can't complain about the tour or the guides. My only complaint was that my mother talked through some of the tour guide's descriptions of the places we passed, but that's not the tour's fault.

Afterwards, we had ice cream at a place named Carpe Diem. The woman there was really nice, and the ice cream was delicious – not just because we were really in the mood for ice cream on a hot humid day, but because it was genuinely good.

J and I met up with my parents again, and we looked around for a restaurant. Why eat at a restaurant when all the food is paid for on the ship? I don't know, but my parents wanted lunch, so we looked around on Yelp for something. I found a Colombian-Cuban place named Paradise Restaurant, hiding in an alley. It would have been really difficult to find if they didn't have a guy on a chair in front of the alley inviting people in.

I had a delicious grouper plate, served with plantain, beans, rice, and greens. J had a Colombian or Cuban (I'm not sure which) picadillo plate, with roughly the same sides. It's quite different from the usual Mexican picadillo, but delicious. My parents shared a shrimp meal; my father said it was delicious too. Service was excellent. They had a parrot near the back wall, which the server said had a very foul (fowl?) vocabulary and nasty bite, but it didn't talk for us or bite.

Dinner aboard the ship

Tonight's dinner was at a different restaurant aboard the ship, Carioca's. The name (as I learned while polishing this review after we returned home) is the adjective referring to anything from the city or state of Rio de Janeiro, and the restaurant had a Brazilian theme.

For dinner, J ordered banana bread, "Peruvian causal", tomato soup, and the honey barbecue chicken entree.

I ordered the banana bread too. the tuna avocado tower appetizer, tomato soup, and when I expressed indecision between the two fish entrees, the server brought me both the swordfish and the sea bass. It was a good thing that I had two entrees, because J wasn't very excited about her chicken; I shared some of my sea bass with her instead.

For dessert, we had a delicious coconut dish. And I'm not even that big a fan of coconut.

Theater again

This evening, J and I and my father went to the theater. The show was Tangled the Musical, which is a live adaptation of the Tangled film, which is Disney's take on the Rapunzel story. The performances and staging were very good, and kept our attention even though we were a bit tired. The story is pretty good too.
summary from disney.wikia.com
review from cruisecritic.com

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