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more repairs, museum - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
more repairs, museum

During the day (and again later in the evening), I repaired more clothes. Although I patches all of the holes in my jeans yesterday, I hadn't stitched the ragged edges of the patches down. I did some of that, but there's still a little left.

Another patching job I did was to a shirt that had a buttonhole that no longer held onto its button, because there was a little rip from the top of the buttonhole toward the edge of the buttonhole section of the shirt. (With a web search, I found this article that tells me that it's the "placket": "What are the parts of a men's shirt?".) To stop the rip and restore the buttonhole, I took a piece of really fine polyester, folded over to leave a fairly thick edge, and sewed it just enough to hold the folds in place. I dampened the placket so it would lie flat, and because the moisture increased the friction so that the patch piece wouldn't just slide around while I was trying to stitch it into place. Then I positioned the patch onto the placket, right up to the edge of the buttonhole, and sewed it on. I added several extra lines of stitching so there weren't any loose edges, and then tested it out. It worked pretty well, and the stitches are inconspicuous.

After "T" finished school, "J" and I picked him up, and we all went to a museum. It was a nice evening. Although it wasn't all that late when we got home, we were all pretty worn out.

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