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extra day, composing, good dinner - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
extra day, composing, good dinner

This morning "J" and I were ready for final packing for a trip to southern California. But when we were about to call for a reservation for the ride to the airport we realizedthat we fly tomorrow, not today. Oops.

I spent some of the unexpected free time composing. I spent a lot of time puzzling ofer the first transition, from the introduction to the first main section. I only wrote two measurea, but I needed them.

As it turned out, the transition was a riff I had written as one of the first elements of the composition. It hadn't worked, but I discovered that by silencing one instrument in the final beat of the introduction the riff worked.

I continued the composing in late evening, but all I accomplished then was to rule out some ideas as unworkable.

Meanwhile, J did more cooking. She made the same dish as yesterday with a few adjustments that made it even better.

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