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to San Diego, then Carlsbad - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
to San Diego, then Carlsbad

When we got to the airport, the check-in was quick and easy. Security was a bit more complicated, because our Pre-Check number wasn't printed on our boarding passes, so we had to go through regular security. The line was actually shorter in the regular line, but it had the hassles of removing laptops and shoes. Still, we got through quickly.

Boarding was a bit of a bother, and we had to move to a different seat. Later a flight attendant thanked us, and treated us to a snack box and wine. Otherwise, the flight was without incident. Also, I've heard occasional Alaska Airlines sponsor messages boasting about their planes – and their 737-900 was indeed very nice.

I started a knitting project on the plane, to make a pair of patches for my gloves, which already have patches on the thumbs. I started by winding a skein of wool onto a paper core so it would be less likely to tangle. That was the easy part. Next I tried to cast on ten starting stitches, but I didn't make any progress past the initial slipknot.

The San Diego airport was pretty quiet; we arrived around 11 pm, and it looked like we were on the last flight into that terminal. They had a shared bus from the terminal to the car rental area, instead of different buses for every brand, which meant less waiting.

The car rental (Dollar) had an amazingly short line, and quick service. They don't even charge extra for a second driver. One bit of confusion was that they didn't tell me what car I was assigned to drive. They didn't have to, because I had a choice – but I didn't realize that until I went back to ask. (I was tired enough that I may have just missed hearing that the first time.) I chose a Hyundai Sonata, because I've heard Hyundai controls are very similar to Toyota; they also had Nissan and Chevrolet cars in the same price category.

It was nice to find a USB outlet in the car, because we didn't bring a car charger, my phone battery has been losing charge rapidly since the last Android update, and we needed it to navigate to our hotel.

We hadn't eaten much all day, so our first stop was a grocery store for a snack. After a nibble, we drove on to our hotel, checked in, and headed to bed.

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