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a Meet-up, minor medical, model railroad - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
a Meet-up, minor medical, model railroad

Early this afternoon, "J" had a Meet-up in Renton, which was a good long drive, made somewhat longer because of our deficient navigation, because we took a different route than we did on our trip yesterday.

Also, I had to take a trip to urgent care, then pick up a prescription. I went to a previously unfamiliar place in Renton because it was on the way to J's Meet-up; J caught a ride-share from there to get the rest of the way to the Meet-up. The medical issue was not a big deal, but the time it took pretty much wiped out my chances of going to brunch.

The medical business was resolved around the time J's Meet-up finished, and I went back there to pick her up. The venue, a pub, looked like a pretty nice place.

On the way back, we stopped at a big box hardware store for some tiny screws, which I used to do a little more assembly on the model railroad. Most of the major pieces are assembled pretty nicely. I even left it somewhat modular, leaving the main table area in two major sections that are somewhat less cumbersome if the table is disassembled.

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