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model railroad, under-deck ceiling - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
model railroad, under-deck ceiling
Today "T" took off from school. He and I worked on his railroad set more; all of the tracks are attached to the board. It's pretty much done now, though there's a mountain that could stand to be attached more solidly, and some buildings, trees, etc.

Later in the day, I got back to work on the under-deck ceiling. The weather looked dry for a change, but soon returned to mist,but I kept working. All four panels are pretty much finished, though I may want to add a few screws where they pass near the wide spots on the deck support posts.

I still have to work out a support mechanism for the east edge of the ceiling panels. (On the west side, close to the house, I have hinges.) My temporary suppose are spare bar clamps. I spent a lot of time on an illustrated question for Stack Exchange; I expect good suggestions from there.

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