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appointments, a compliment, server, under-deck ceiling - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
appointments, a compliment, server, under-deck ceiling
This afternoon, both "J" and I had appointments at the same place. Both went fine. J's was first, and I did a couple of shopping errands during hers, and she had a late brunch during mine.

A compliment

As I was finishing up my appointment, J phoned. A young woman heard my phone's ring tone and said, "That's a nice tune."

I replied, "Thanks; I wrote it myself," then answered the call, without getting a chance to see the young woman's reaction.

That's the second time someone has complimented my ring tone without knowing that it was my own composition. (I wrote about the previous compliment – from a professional composer – after a SIFF panel discussion titled "Composing for and against Expectation". I had forgotten that the previous compliment was on my birthday.)

After our appointments, we met "K" and her daughter "M" (who has the week off from school). J treated them to a little women's afternoon out.

Server, under-deck ceiling

I returned home and did a little work on my server and back-up project, then a little work on the under-deck ceiling project, out in the light snow flurries.

The under-deck ceiling project is almost done. The way it's going, it seems to be asymptotically approaching completion. I cut the additional chain into two pieces, and installed one more support chain, this one at the lower (north) end of the third panel.

All that remains of the chains is the lower end of the top (south) panel. But there's still a little more to do after that: I have to install strapping over the spike-nail hooks at the ends of the panels (except the north panel), because now they're only secured by a single #6 screw.

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