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party shopping, cable converter, painting, preparing Oscars ballots - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
party shopping, cable converter, painting, preparing Oscars ballots

Today I went shopping for Oscars party stuff, at lots of different stores. It took a long time, but we're pretty well stocked for a party now.

One of the stops was at the cable television store, where I picked up a converter. This evening I hooked up the converter. It was a tedious process.
Note to self! The special step that it took me a long time to figure out is that I have to turn off the the Samsung "Anynet+" feature from the Settings menu to make the cable converter functional. To make the Bluray player functional, I have to turn "Anynet+" back on. Tricky!

To make the house look just a little nicer as guests enter the house, I painted the ugly space on the side of the stairs, where the outer skirtboards used to be. The old skirtboards hid the sides of the stairway stringers, which were heavy wood with an uneven over-spray of the first paint that had been on the walls of the house. (I keep forgetting the word "skirtboard" for some reason; I've had to look it up a silly number of times to be sure to use the correct term.)

Finally, I spent a silly amount of time preparing ballots for our party guests. I have a spreadsheet that generates the HTML for the on-line version of the ballot, but I still have to fill the nominees in to the spreadsheet. Additionally, that on-line version doesn't fit on a single ledger-sized page without looking ugly, so I copy it over to Word, then beat it into shape until it looks decent, such as keeping categories together rather than letting them break across column boundaries, and from the front to the back of the page. I wish I could figure out a good way to automate that step.

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