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Oscars party preparations, Sunday brunch, the show, the party - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
Oscars party preparations, Sunday brunch, the show, the party

This morning, "J" and I did some last minute preparations for our Oscars party. As usual, I give her more credit for that than I do. We even started a fire in the fireplace, for the first time this winter.

This afternoon, I went to the usual Sunday brunch. The main reason I didn't skip it this time, to get more party preparations done, is that "C" needed a ride to our house. (I thought "N" would need a ride too, but she arranged her own transportation.) The usual people were there: "M", N, the usual other "J", and C.

On the way back to the car after brunch adjourned, I picked up one more party item that we had run out of: popcorn. To spare C the long walk to my atypically distant parking place, I drove back to Broadway to pick her up before heading home.

Our party started during the red carpet show. I missed most of that rushing around doing further last-minute preparations. In addition to J and I, and N and C, yet another "J" arrived later with her husband "B". ("T" spent most of the day in Bellevue though.)

The Oscars show itself was pretty decent. Jimmy Kimmel did a good show. The Academy clearly responded to the recent "Oscars so white" complaints; this year it was a model of inclusion. They also addressed the "Me Too" and "Time's Up" movements, noting that Harvey Weinstein was only the second member ever ejected from the Academy, and recognizing women a lot more than usual. The spectacle was impressive too. I don't recall any slip-ups, but after last year I'm sure they were very much on guard.

The acceptance speeches mostly weren't very memorable. Guillermo del Toro spoke twice (for best director and best picture), and said some good stuff. Frances McDormand concluded her speech with two cryptic words: "inclusion rider" (explained in the link).

One clever gimmick this year was meant to keep people from running too long on their speeches: they offered a Jet Ski to the person with the shortest speech. It seemed to work to an extent; fewer people were hinted off stage with music.

As usual, we had ballots. I was really surprised how well I did on them – 16 out of 24, after seeing only one best picture nominee, and only one other film with a nomination.

It was fun. I'm glad J and I decided to have the party, even without having seen many of the films. And of course I'm pleased that some of our friends were able to attend.

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