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Kate Bush fan party - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
Kate Bush fan party

Date: 1 Aug 89 22:07:54 GMT

The northwest [Kate Bush fan] party was a whole lot of fun. To my knowledge it was the largest [Kate Bush fan] party in North America. We had about 26 people, at the "Kate House" near the Western Washington University campus in Bellingham (near the Canadian border). The guests were mostly WWU Kate Bush Club members, and there were three of us from Microsoft and someone else from Seattle. We didn't have any well known guests like [AM], who went to [TR]'s Santa Cruz (California) party, or [DA], who went to the east coast party. We did however have a woman who dressed up as Kate in the "Them Heavy People" video, and she had a wonderful costume.

The party started around 3 p.m., though the only ones there that early were the permanent residents of the "Kate House", and the three of us from Microsoft. The barbecue fired didn't start well, even though someone tried to use gasoline to light it. Since most of us wanted an unleaded dinner, and some of us dumped the first batch of coals while someone went to buy less toxic starter fluid. Even though Kate Bush is a vegetarian, we didn't try to do a vegetarian barbecue. We also had no smokers (Kate's vice), which was nice. Of course, we had Kate music playing loudly and constantly.

After the meal, the videos were started. We saw Kate Bush Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, The Whole Story, and a number of more rare videos. Of course there was also a lot of ordinary pleasant party conversation, and special Kate party conversation. Another item of interest was a copy of the latest Homeground, that my girlfriend [KH, my wife from 1991 to 2009] bought for me when she was in London.

Another thing we did was to phone the other two known [Kate Bush fan] parties. First we called the Santa Cruz party, and passed the phone around between people who wanted to say hellos to each other. We also sang "Happy Birthday to Kate", surprisingly well synchronized, considering most people couldn't hear the singers at the other party. We also called Doug Alan, since the phone idea came up after the east coast party had ended.

Those of us from Seattle had to hit the road to return, so I don't know what happened after we left. We had a nice return trip. Toward the end of the evening, the topic of another Kate party next year came up. It was very popular, so we will very likely do something similar again.

        Steve [real last name, which people shared back then]
        "How do you know when it's summer in Seattle? The rain is warmer."

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