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Sugarcubes: Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week! preview - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
Sugarcubes: Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week! preview

Date: 20 Sep 89 03:57:52 GMT

I got a [preview] copy of the new Sugarcubes CD. The full disc isn't out yet, but I grabbed the four song teaser (full size 12 cm). The four songs are:

"Regina: (LP version)
"Hot Meat"
"Hey" (unavailable on LP)
"Regina" (Icelandic unavailable on LP)
"Hot Meat" sounds like an alternate arrangement of "Coldsweat" and sounds pretty rowdy and comical, occasionally even with a bizarre country tone to it. They don't say if it will be available on other recordings or not.

"Hey" isn't very intelligible. I can't tell if it's in Icelandic or just unclear English. It's noisy and poppish.

"Regina" is a really nice song. I think I like the Icelandic version better even though I don't understand the language. The rhythm seems to flow better around those words. The two versions are identical other than the lyrics. Even the vocals sound almost the same if you don't pay attention to the language.

I don't know when the full album comes out.

        Steve [real last name, which people shared back then]
        "Working under pressure is the sugar that we crave"   A. Lamb

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