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sensual.uucp and sensual.wa.com - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
sensual.uucp and sensual.wa.com

Date: 17 Oct 89 10:22:53 GMT

Hi everyone! [on the Kate Bush fan mailing list]

In honor of [the release of The Sensual World, I'm announcing my new site to the world. I hope I'm the first one to claim this site name. There are three events of varying importance today: the new album is going to be released in this country today, my site comes online, and Norwegian [mailing list member KH, my wife from 1991 to 2009] will arrive here to visit me. We'll have our comments on the new album on their way as soon as we have something to say.

(P.S. Please be sure to use the Reply-To address, since the .wa.com address probably isn't working yet.)

Steve [real last name, which people shared back then]

Comments (2018):

  • I found this on an archive site. Nothing ever seems to disappear from the net.
  • I'm amazed that I was awake at 3:22 am to post this, but that's what the headers say. Maybe I had the clock on my computer mis-configured.
  • I used software named "UUPC", which was an MS-DOS implementation of uucp. I ran it on a second-hand 8088 machine with a disk drive that was probably ten megabytes or so – large enough for about one photo taken by my Canon 5D Mark II. Something went wrong with it, crashing the drive, and I never bothered to reinstall UUPC.
  • This announced two domain names that I had acquired: sensual.wa.com and sensual.uucp. Neither domain has been functional in decades; whoever owned wa.com abandoned or sold it long ago, and the .uucp domain registry shut down in 2000.

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