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more B-52s - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
more B-52s
Note: This is a reply to someone else's review of an early February B-52s concert, on the same tour as when I saw them in January. The indented, monospaced text is quoted from the Pittsburgh reviewer.

Subject: Re: B52's @ Pittsburgh
Date: 12 Feb 1990 15:41:55 PST

double encore... Planet Claire and ROCK LOBSTER. This was a very

I think it was a triple encore when I saw them at the Seattle Center Arena. It was a great show. I feel sorry for the silly folks who didn't wait for the house lights to come on to leave. A surprising number of people left after the first encore. Apparently they had been to enough concerts (or heard about them) enough to know that bands always do encores these days, but too new to them to know that you wait for the house lights before it's really over. It was a really varied crowd. I saw someone who looked like my grandmother there, BMW types, the more usual concert goers, and quite a lot of younger kids. So it's not such the surprise that there were a lot of people who were new to concerts.

worthwhile concert. I didn't stop moving. They may all look about 80, but they STILL can book.

Yeah, the show was hot. I don't know about them all looking about 80 though. Seemed to me they all looked about their age, just a little older than me. But maybe if I wandered onto a campus these days at the advanced age of 27, people would think I looked 72 . . .

        Steve [real last name, which people shared back then]

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