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I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got by Sinéad O'Connor, take two - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got by Sinéad O'Connor, take two

Subject: new Sinead
Date: 25 Mar 90 02:12:31 GMT

Well, I really blew it last time I tried to review the new Sinéad O'Connor album I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got. I got an early review of it by phone from my girlfriend [wife from 1991 to 2009], who bought it in Norway, and misquoted her miserably. Anyway, retraction of the previous review stated, here's my own.

It's quite a lot like her first release. It seems less allegorical and more autobiographical. It didn't grab me quite as much as the first, though maybe that's because her style is familiar now rather than new and wonderful. The production is just as nice, though it doesn't seem quite as complex.

The album has a pretty grim, but somewhat defiant, outlook. She mostly sings about sad things happening on various levels, from personal to worldwide. Some of the songs have the defiance or denial of the things that are wrong. They vary from without a hint of hope to denial to fairly hopeful, with denial of grief probably the most pervasive feeling.

I've only listened through once, so it's hard to describe it in much more detail than that.

Steve [real last name, which people shared back then]
I should be mapped. If mail bounces, try "nwnexus!sensual!steve" instead.

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