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gift shopping, exercise, reading - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
gift shopping, exercise, reading

Today "J" and I went to an art supply store, to buy a gift for my brother's birthday. It has already passed, but the celebration was deferred, so we had extra time to find a gift. We got him an art canvas; he can always use more of those.

This evening, we went to the gym. As I've been doing lately, I did the stair machine. This time I went for 31:17 minutes:seconds, for a total of 113 floors and 1814 steps, for an average of 3.62 average floors and 57 steps per minute, with an average heart rate of 140. I wish I had a better system for tracking whether this is better than, worse than, or similar to other recent work-outs.

Late this evening, I read another chapter of The Hobbit.

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