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visitors, music - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
visitors, music

This morning, "J" had planned to attend a Meet-up, but the host wasn't feeling well and canceled. If there had been a back-up host the Meet-up could have gone ahead, but the host hadn't planned for that.

Later in the morning, "A" visited.

During much of the day, I continued my musical studies, but I spent more time puzzling over technical details with Musescore than with the actual music.

In the afternoon, "K" visited. (It wasn't the same "K" who has a daughter "M".) She had a CD to show J, and they listened to it. She was also happy to see "T" when he returned from school, and joined us for our simple dinner.

K even stuck around for a movie, Up, which we have on Blu-ray, though I still haven't watched much past the introduction of the plot.

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