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press screening screw-up, tasty dinner - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
press screening screw-up, tasty dinner

This morning, "J" and I woke a bit behind schedule, and even so we didn't rush as much as we should have. Traffic was worse than some mornings, but hardly terrible. Still, it was bad enough that she was a minute or so late for press screenings, and for press screenings the doors are locked when the films begins. She missed the deadline.

I already knew I was out of luck, because even if she had made it I still would have had to park. I had even found a decent place, which would have been under $8 for the loitering through the first film and the short second film. (We wouldn't have been able to stay for the third film; all of this week's 2 pm press screenings are for credentialed press only, by demand of the films' distributors.) Rather than try to find something to do for the two hours until the noon film, which didn't sound like a must-see anyway, we decided to just go home.

Back home, J made another batch of her pad Thai. We had extended an invitation to our friend "K" and her daughter "M", so J wanted to make something a bit special. Unfortunately, M had too much homework and didn't feel like rushing it for the sake of dinner with her mom's friends, so we ended up without guests. On the bright side: more for us. The pad Thai was yummy.

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