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That Summer - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
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That Summer
SIFF's capsule summary: "After rejecting a high society lifestyle, mother and daughter pair Big and Little Edie become recluses in their deteriorating East Hampton mansion. Newly discovered vintage footage of these rebels against the elite-turned-cultural icons revisits the 1975 cult classic Grey Gardens more intimately than ever before." (Sweden, 2017, 80 minutes)
SIFF link: That Summer

Distant relatives of the Kennedy family live in a ramshackle mansion on Long Island (before the renovations that made the house less of a tumbled-down wreck it was in Grey Gardens), and some of the more famous members of the family visit, as do some celebrities along for the ride.

6 Almost Good

If you've seen Grey Gardens and want more, this is a good prequel. If you're not familiar with Grey Gardens, see that first. This film is a worthwhile prequel, and the modern interviews add something to the early 1970s film that makes up the bulk of the film. I hesitate to give a star rating; overall it's good, but it feels like it would be a bore except to people who saw Grey Gardens and wanted to see a prequel.

Languages: English.

Rating: I don't think this film has a US rating, but I'd guess it would rate a "PG-13", on the basis of the general mood more than any particular detail.

Screening: noon, Pacific Place (room 4).
Audience: a typical press screening crowd, a little over 100, about 285 seats (estimated capacity).

Snacks: none.

Ads and announcements: no ads at press screenings; SIFF volunteer "R" provided announcements.

Notes to myself:

SIFF statistics: 11 films (all features), 1 unofficial party.

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