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two films, a museum visit, overhead racism - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
two films, a museum visit, overhead racism

Today "J" and I saw two more press screenings: the very good The Last Suit and the fair After the War. I even got the same street parking bargain of four hours for seven dollars and change.

In the evening, J and I and "T" went to a museum that was open late for an arts event. My father even joined us for a while.

For a rather late dinner, we went to a Panera, where we overhead a white supremacist trying to recruit three young people, talking nostalgically about the 1980s when the "Moral Majority" supposedly set the moral standard for the US, and how it's now transgressively cool to make racist jokes to offend the supposedly ascendant progressive leftists. I sure hope the young people weren't buying his hate, but I fear they were.

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