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Hawaii shirt Thursday - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
Hawaii shirt Thursday

This morning "J" and I dressed for this year's first Hawaii shirt Thursday at SIFF, and saw two more press screenings. I parked at the same seven dollars and change parking spot too.

The morning film was by an Iranian woman (living in the US since before the Iranian revolution) who is a multimedia artist as well as a film director. And that shows in the film; every shot was beautifully composed, lit, and colored, with striking production design. It was about a real-life Egyptian woman singer, and the music was fantastic too. I didn't entirely follow the story, but the film looked and sounded so wonderful that I didn't need to understand it to love it.

The noon film was a coming of age film from the point of view of a ten year old boy with two older brothers, a detached mother, a father who was occasionally abusive to the mother. It didn't do much for me.

Like every day this week, the 2 pm film was restricted to press only.

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