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brunch, a film, a Craigslist flake, and visiting my parents - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
brunch, a film, a Craigslist flake, and visiting my parents

Today "J" and I went to brunch, which was a bit of a novelty, because J hasn't been going to brunch very often lately. Also attending were regulars "M" and "N", intermittent participants "W" and another "J", and regular "C". (Another regular "J" is still out of town.) So it was a pretty good turn-out. The food was good.

I made a point of slipping out before it was too late to go to the Capitol Hill Farmers' Market, because J and I wanted to get some tomato plants. I think there were three booths selling them; I got them from one with lower prices and really knowledgeable advice on which varieties to try.

I walked back with the plants and put them in the car, and then walked some more to the Egyptian, where J and I planned to see a film, the Ruth Bader Ginsburg documentary, which was very good.

In the evening, I walked back to the car once again, and we waited for a planned meeting with someone who was selling something through a Craigslist ad. And the seller flaked! J was in touch with the seller, and I suggested a message something along the lines of, "We're sorry that we trusted you to respect other people's time." Shamed by that message, the would-be seller was somewhat embarrassed, and apologized, but it's not worth dealing with someone like that for another chance at buying something – or having them flake again.

Finally, we went to Bellevue, where we gave my mother a Mother's Day greeting and admired my parents' new kitchen floor tile. "T" had been in Bellevue much of the day, so we gave him a ride home.

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