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complicated schedule, traffic, two SIFF press screenings, a great DVD from Scarecrow - Rounding up the Usual Suspects — LiveJournal
Steve's Livejournal
complicated schedule, traffic, two SIFF press screenings, a great DVD from Scarecrow

Our schedule this morning was somewhat more complicated than usual. "J" had an early morning errand in Kirkland, and I had to give "T" a ride to school as usual. That would have been a mess if I drove her to Kirkland, so she took a paid ride (Uber) to get there. Meanwhile, I took T to school, then continued on to SIFF press screenings. I even managed to find street parking again; I think it was $7.38 for four hours.

For a while J was worried, because the driver got stuck in traffic somewhere, but she made it there with time enough to do her errand and still catch a bus to SIFF press screenings. But it was close: she arrived in the theater with just one or two minutes to spare – and during press screenings, they're serious about no late admissions.

Anyway, the 10 am film, Fake Tattoos, was pretty much a waste of time, according to our opinion and quite a few others in the line talking between films.

Fortunately, the noon film, A Kid Like Jake, was a winner.

Afterwards, we had a couple of errands, notably a trip to Scarecrow to pick up a film J had placed on reserve: 7 Boxes. Press screening regular (and past employee of both SIFF and Scarecrow) "M" had told us about the film, saying that it was by the same directors as Gold Seekers, but quite a bit better. Since we had generally enjoyed Gold Seekers, we figured 7 Boxes would be worth a try.

Soon after we got home, was started 7 Boxes. It was indeed a winner. It seems we had missed it during SIFF 2013.

We were in a bit of a lazy mood, so we had a frozen pizza for dinner. J added some other goodies on top of it (sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, maybe something else too), and it was pretty good.

In the evening, we watched the extras on the 7 Boxes DVD. We generally enjoyed them.

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