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two press screenings, restaurant lunch and some relaxation, SIFF opening night film and party - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
two press screenings, restaurant lunch and some relaxation, SIFF opening night film and party

Today there were only two SIFF press screenings. (Technically, there were three, but the 2 pm film was restricted to press only.) So, I was able to use street parking, and I found a spot for $7.39, which beats the $15 price for usual all-day lot.

The morning film was beautiful but relentlessly melancholy. It was also quite long, almost a full two hours. Starting the second film at the usual time, noon, would not have allowed for the usual break between films, so instead it started at 12:15 pm. The second film was supposed to be a comedy, but after a pretty good opening scene it was only occasionally funny after a good opening. It was a real waste of talent; Juliette Binoche was great, but couldn't save the movie.

Because the 12:15 pm start time meant the second film ended a bit later than usual, I had to run to get back to the parking space to avoid getting a ticket for exceeding its four-hour time limit. Fortunately, the parking meter police weren't just waiting for my meter to expire, so I got back soon enough to avoid a citation.

I returned to Pacific Place and picked up not just "J", but also our friend "D". We had a late lunch near the opera house (where we saw a few other SIFF regulars), then went to D's home to relax for a while so we'd be adequately rested for the opening night festivities.

The opening night speeches were somewhat quicker than usual. Unfortunately, the opening night film was a boring disappointment. The most interesting character was the supporting male, not the lead. The film was another waste of talent.

After the film, the party was fun, although there was a lot of confusion among volunteers about the different rules that applied to people with all the different sorts of ticket classes.

Meanwhile back at home, "T" had a visitor, "L". They were both glad to see each other again.

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