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no films, tedious business, pleasant visitors - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
no films, tedious business, pleasant visitors

Today "J" and I skipped going to SIFF, in part because we were tired after last night's film and party, in part because we had a lot to do at home, in part because we didn't see anything that we thought absolutely needed to see.

I had planned to write a bunch of reviews, since I'm kind of behind on reviews at the moment. But instead I did something much less fun, writing a business letter about an unpleasant customer service experience that required a whole lot of research. It was tedious, and took much of the day.

In addition, we had visitors: my brother "C" and his wife "M". She has a new Fitbit, and because J has had one for a long time, M thought J could help get the new one set up. It took quite a while, but it's nice having M as a guest anyway. And it looks like she has the gadget working satisfactorily now.

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