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film, virtual reality, visitor, more films - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
film, virtual reality, visitor, more films

This morning "J" and I went to the SIFF film Shakedown, a documentary with pretty low production values, but very interesting material; I rate it good.

Next, we went to the SIFF VR Zone, which is a shop on the first floor of Pacific Place with a lot of virtual reality headsets, each playing a different VR work, some narrative, some interactive. Of the works I saw, the clear standout was Sun Ladies, about women soldiers in Iraq who fight to free people from ISIS. (It's about the women soldiers, and only peripherally about their combat.) J strongly praised Queerskins, a Love Story, which I didn't see. The staff there recommend Space Explorers, a New Dawn, but the equipment it ran on crashed before I had a chance to see it.

In the middle of the day, we returned home for a while. "T" had a visitor, a "J" we had not met before. She seems nice.

Our early evening film was Cake General, at the Majestic Bay Theater in Ballard. J and I both found the film forgettable, but the theater itself was a treasure. It's been there for ages, and the last time I was there it was pretty run down. But that much have been in the 1990s, because it had a grand renovation in 2000, and now it's a wonderful theater with great seats, enough slope that short people don't have to worry if they sit behind tall people. The lobby is welcoming and the decor is classy.

We could have gone to the new Nordic Museum for the film's after-party, and another chance to see more of Agnes Lindström Bolmgren, the gorgeous Swedish actress who was in Seattle to promote the film (along with the co-directors, cinematographer, and at least one more person involved with the film). But instead we stayed at the Majestic for another film.

The late show was Industrial Accident, the Story of Wax Trax! Records, a documentary. The production values were strong, the film had a lot of great material to work with, and told an interesting story. But I was not so impressed with the assembly of the material; some parts of the story seemed to be told thinly, and other parts were told by multiple interviewees who had essentially the same story repetitively told the same way. I only rate it fair, but the good parts – and the music – were good enough that I enjoyed it a lot in spite of the flaws.

We got home late, had a little real food (because the popcorn wasn't much of a dinner), and went to bed.

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