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May 2019 - Rounding up the Usual Suspects — LiveJournal
Steve's Livejournal
10:00 am: Afterlife (Hiernamaals)
12:00 pm: Non-fiction (Doubles vies)
02:00 pm: American Factory
11:29 pm: three SIFF press screenings, members' preview
10:27 pm: three SIFF press screenings
02:00 pm: SIFF press screenings for Monday May 6 through Thursday May 9
10:36 pm: three SIFF press screenings
10:59 pm: brunch, shopping, party
10:04 pm: back to SIFF press screenings
09:57 pm: three more SIFF press screenings
09:28 pm: two SIFF press screenings, diner, a dinner guest
11:39 pm: three films, good food
02:52 pm: SIFF press screenings for Monday May 13 through Thursday May 16
11:56 pm: two press screenings, evening with friends
11:31 pm: two press screenings and a regular film
11:25 pm: three press screenings
02:00 pm: Sauvage / Wild
04:00 pm: SIFF 2019 index
07:00 pm: Sword of Trust and SIFF opening night festivities
11:54 pm: four films and a party
02:07 pm: SIFF press screenings for Monday May 20 through Thursday May 23
11:42 pm: car repairs, monster truck, visiting parents, no films
11:04 pm: film and party
11:00 am: Secret Festival #1
11:17 pm: two films, a mix-up or two, but no brunch
10:40 pm: three films, returning floorboards
01:28 pm: SIFF press screenings for Monday May 28 through Thursday May 30 - 2 comments
10:05 pm: post office surprise, museum visit, films for "J"
11:00 am: Secret Festival #2
10:24 pm: ten films today (but eight were shorts), and Sunday brunch
11:38 pm: closet baseboards, fence post, salmon dinner
11:31 pm: five films in a day
12:00 am: Happy birthday to me!
11:56 pm: films, birthday dinner
07:41 pm: three press screenings
06:00 am: SIFF press screenings for Monday June 3 through Thursday June 6